11 Tips to Create a Cozy Home Office: A Designer’s Guide

A bright home office with personal artifacts grouped behind a white desk. A large sofa and ottoman create a cozy atmosphere.

11 Tips to Create a Cozy Home Office: A Designer’s Guide Is your home office a catch-all for things in transit in your house? In the whirlwind of running a household and being a busy professional, your office can take a backseat to other rooms in the house. Since so many people continue to work […]

Celebrating 20 Years of Hygge Design in Calgary

Hygge design living room entertaining area with gas fireplace. A dark slab of stone with white veining sets off the gorgeous fireplace. The built in cabinets are a light warm grey wood filled with black, gold and white accents.

Celebrating 20 Years of Hygge Design in Calgary A journey from a cozy condo to the iconic Burns Building. Twenty years ago, in 2004, a spark ignited inside our founder. Inspired by a quote from Goethe, “Anything you can do, or dream you do, begin it: boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”  That […]

2024 Interior Design Trends to Inspire You

2024 Interior Design Trends in white text over a black background.

2024 Interior Design Trends to Inspire You As we begin the new year, we wanted to share the emerging 2024 interior design trends. The world of interior design is a constant balance of innovation, comfort, and sustainability. We craft spaces that reflect personal tastes and echo a deeper connection with the environment and the evolving […]

9 Kitchen Design Trends 2024: KHD’s Favourites

Text reads kitchen design trends 2024 in a pink circle overlaying a kitchen with light warm wood cabinets and light natural stone look countertops. Globe pendant lights, pot lights and a plastered hood fan finish off this look.

Step into the heart of your home, where culinary creativity takes shape and family bonds are nourished – your kitchen. In a simple phrase, kitchen design trends for 2024 are timeless and warm with pops of colour. As interior designers in Calgary, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the interior design industry, and […]

Designing a Beautiful Home with a Thankful Heart

Beautiful home living room. Two glasses of fizzy water with a slice if lemon with a background of a cozy living room illuminated by soft LED lights.

We speak a lot about hygge and how our spaces profoundly affect how we feel. Embarking on the path of creating a beautiful home should be filled with happy explorations. As leaves transition to a palette of warm autumnal hues, the season brings a quiet opportunity for reflection—specifically on gratitude. Certainly, one’s surroundings play a […]

Creating Luxurious Cozy Spaces: Embracing Hygge in Calgary Interior Design

Luxurious standalone bathtub with gold faucet on the marble tiled wall behind. A niche for bath toiletries or candles is inset with wood coloured tiles giving beautiful contrast and a spa-like feeling.

Creating Luxurious Cozy Spaces: Embracing Hygge in Calgary Interior Design When envisioning a luxurious home, opulence, elegance, and lavishness often come to mind. However, true luxury is not necessarily synonymous with extravagant materials and excessive grandeur. Luxury is about creating a space that exudes comfort, quality, and a sense of coziness. Come with us to […]

Mastering the Art of Selecting the Perfect Artwork for Your Room

Living room and main floor after photo. Two yellow accent chairs have been moved to separate the dining space from the living space and allow the light tiled fireplace to become the focal point of the room. The chrome lamp was moved and additional softer lamps enlighten this previously dark room. A sofa table doubles as an entry table for keys and a place to put drinks when watching tv.

Though not everyone is a painter or artisan, everyone has a unique appreciation of beauty in the world. Art has a remarkable ability to breathe life into a space, reflecting our personalities and evoking emotions. The appreciation of beautiful things is a deeply human and hygge experience. Art can complete a room or make it […]

Top 7 2023 Design Trends

2023 Design Trends FAQ - Caramel coloured wall with trim

It’s no secret that Krista Hermanson Design interior design philosophy is built around timeless design with long-term thinking in mind. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good trend when we see one. The 2023 design trends are all about personalization and making your mark on your home. Forget about builder-grade, flat, emotionless designs. It’s […]

Aging in Place: How to Stay in Love with Your Home

A senior light skinned couple smile as they look at a laptop screen while sipping a cup of coffee they poured from French press.

We all have the same hope for our golden years. We’ll live a long, healthy life surrounded by people we love in a place we call home. No one dreams about living in a senior care facility. It makes no difference how thoughtfully designed they might be. We’d still rather be home. With a little […]

NKBA Student Design Competition Winner!

Beatriz Hernandez Padron winning kitchen design for the NKBA student competition.

As proud members of NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), we are excited to share that our very own Beatriz won first place in the NKBA Student Kitchen Design competition for her “Beachy Dreams” kitchen design. Doesn’t this design make you want to head to the beach? Read more about her winning design submission in […]

Should you hire a designer or a decorator?

Two images side by side with text overtop saying "design or decor?"

Should you hire a designer or a decorator? Do you know the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator? We love HGTV for bringing our profession to the masses, but what is shown on television tends to be more décor than design. And let’s face it — not entirely realistic. The distinction between […]

Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Three kitchen cabinet accessories photos showing various drawers.

Kitchens are arguably the most complex room in the home and for good reason. Everyone ends up in the kitchen. It does the job of 10 rooms in one. So when you’re thinking about kitchen design, are you envisioning a sink, a range, a fridge, and a coveted large island for your family and friends […]

Keller Williams Feature: “Hygge Your Home”

A floor to ceiling light onyx fireplace is the focal point of this room. A large colourful rug makes this space. The bright yellow lounge chair, light neutral sofa, two neutral river stone shaped coffee tables brighten this space while the rich royal blue velvet accent chairs play off the other dark features of the space.

Keller Williams Luxury Magazine featured Krista Hermanson’s words of wisdom on all things hygge in their fall article titled, “Hygge Your Home“. Krista is Canada’s Hygge Design ambassador and she could talk all day about the benefits of hygge. Here’s a snippet of the article below! “Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish concept used to […]

Top 4 Reasons Scandinavian Design is Calming

Scandinavian Design Process - Living room with orange accent chairs, light blue sofa and ottoman and clean lines dancing in the light of a soothing fireplace.

We shared seven beautiful elements of Scandinavian Design in a blog last year that listed some reasons to love it. We wanted to share a refreshed version to further explore our passion for this style of design and answer the question, “Why does Scandinavian design make you feel calmer?” Great design understands the science of […]

Redfin Named Krista Hermanson Design a Top Hygge Design Expert

Redfin - Hygge Blog dining room suggestion

Redfin’s Hygge Article | KHD Feature Krista Hermanson Design & Construction was named a top hygge design expert by Redfin. Check out the article we were featured in: Hygge Design and Decor: The Secrets to Creating a Happy Home. A few weeks ago we were contacted by Redfin to share our thoughts on hygge with their […]

Hygge Interior Design in Calgary

Clear vase of white roses and greenery sit with some décor in front of a luxurious tub.

In case you’re new to our little community, hygge (hoo-gah or hyu-gah) is the Danish word for ‘cozy time’. In Canada, things that scream hygge are blankets, candles, and soft pyjamas — anything that makes you feel warm and… well, cozy. When Krista grounded herself in her Icelandic heritage and fell in love with hygge, […]

How to Get Your Mudroom Back to School Ready

Mudroom with white cabinets, open lockers with hooks, a bench for putting on shoes and enclosed shoe storage

The kids are heading back to school and with that comes backpacks, binders, papers to sign, and glorious artwork you will no doubt display on your fridge. And let’s not forget about the seasonal sporting equipment that you’ll need to pull out of storage for those early morning hockey practices. If the idea of those […]

Get Inspired to Create the Perfect Kitchen Layout for YOU!

Kitchen Layout - White kitchen with island and 3 pendant light fixtures

We always say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and as much of a cliché as that may seem, it’s true. So much of our time is spent in the kitchen sharing how our day was with family or our dog (they can be better listeners), helping our kids with their homework, […]

How to Select a Stunning Lighting Scheme

Lighting - Gold Ribbon Light in Ensuite

Interior design tells a story, and each room is a chapter in the same book — lighting is part of that story. As in design, there should be a string that ties fixtures together. There is a danger of telling a confusing story with missing plot lines that don’t quite flow or conversely, a total […]

Your 5-Minute Interior Design Fundamentals Crash Course

KHD Interior Design Fundamentals. Planetary globe light with 6 clear glass globes and gold accents.

Good design is simple. Class dismissed. Go ahead and design your space now! If only simple were that easy. Good design is like an iceberg. You can see the tip of the iceberg. It is beautiful in its simplicity, but the real work and intricacies are hidden beneath the surface. That is to say, we […]

How to Create a Design Inspiration Mood Board

Mood Board Example with various images of flooring, seating, colours etc.

When you come to a designer, you will be asked two important questions, “What is your style?” and “How do you want to feel in your space?” To answer these questions, you could use terminology like modern, Scandinavian, or simple elegance, but being a visual bunch, we think it’s even more helpful to share a […]

Exclusive Furniture and Décor Shopping Trip with a Designer in Calgary

Furniture and Decor - Master Bedroom with brown leather luxury bed, a blue dressing bench, and globe lights nesting on exquisite side tables.

Furniture and décor are the icing on the cake of a larger renovation with an interior designer. However, there are times when this is all that is required to make a space cozy. Enlisting a designer to help you select your pieces is empowering! We thought we’d share the ins and outs of exclusive furniture […]

Your Basement is Going to Be Lovely if You Consider these 5 things

Krista is in a project basement getting her game face on.

Beyond the kitchen and the bathroom, lower levels, more commonly, but less luxuriously known as the basement, is next in line for being the most common renovation project. What are the top things you need to consider when you go to renovate your lower level? We’ll tell you below.  1. Function & Flow No, this […]

No Surprise Renovation Costs: The Most Forgotten Budget Items

Renovation Costs - Flowers in foreground & Kitchen in background

Let’s lift the curtain on renovation costs, shall we? Your renovation will offer an incredible change to your daily life, but what will the hard costs be? Throughout our design process, we consider the budget and costs for each item we recommend. At the completion of our design phase, we gather quotes from our subtrades […]

How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Designer and Get the Result You Want

Relationship - Krista and Maggie in renovated kitchen they designed

Aside from the purchase of your home, you’re making what is potentially one of your larger financial purchases when you choose to renovate your home. That experience should come with as little stress as possible. Everyone has a friend who went through a difficult renovation and people love to share renovation horror stories at cocktail […]

Lagom vs Hygge: What’s the difference?

Lagom vs hygge- wine and cheese in a kitchen

At KHD, our modus operandi is to bring beauty to people’s lives through the joy of hygge. For those not in the know, the Danish word “hygge” literally translates into English as “cozy time”.  It is comprised of elements that slow us down, help us to disconnect from the outside world and deeply connect with […]

Entertainer’s Dream Project Case Study Part 2

Ensuite bathroom with a standalone tub with a lovely raised end for reading a good book in the bath and a blue-grey vanity and full width white framed mirror.

As you’ll remember from last week, we shared Case Study Part 1 of this entertainer’s dream home! Like part 1, we have options for you for part 2! You can read the rest of the transformation of part 2 below, or you can allow Krista to walk you through it in the video. Don’t we […]

Entertainer’s Dream Project Case Study Part 1

Krista Hermanson Design home page feature image is a modern kitchen with a large island for 5 people. Large dome lights over the island. Light grey cabinetry with subtle details.

This case study is a little bit different. We recorded a video onsite for those visual individuals like ourselves. We will share the video in two parts, but we still wanted to be sure that this information was accessible to all, so we decided to write it all out too. You choose how you want […]

5 Tips to Select Timeless Design Elements for Your Next Renovation

Timeless Design - kitchen and dining area with neutral colours and spherical lighting

There is one element of design that has remained constant and long-lasting: natural materials and by default – neutral colours. If we look at the ancient designs that remain relevant in these modern times, we see that all of them share these features. So why are we always drawn to trends? That’s a larger answer […]

The Number One Reason You Need to Hire an Interior Designer

Interior Designer - Krista standing in front of a custom new build home in Parkdale, Calgary, Alberta.

Why should you hire an interior designer? We’re not going to plug our services and technical know-how in this blog – much. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know you need a designer, so we’re just going to talk to you. By the end, you’ll fall in love with us. We’re not vain […]