Keller Williams Hygge Article Feature - Krista sitting in a project called hygge at the waterfront. Yellow and blue chairs, soft rug, organic tables, polished stone tile fireplace, and a view of the bow river.

Keller Williams Luxury Magazine featured Krista Hermanson’s words of wisdom on all things hygge in their fall article titled, “Hygge Your Home“. Krista is Canada’s Hygge Design ambassador and she could talk all day about the benefits of hygge.

Here’s a snippet of the article below!

“Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish concept used to describe a happy lifestyle and an atmosphere of coziness. It’s taking the time to enjoy a hot cup of tea, gathering around a crackling fireplace and spending time with loved ones in a softly lit room. “Hygge is the driving force that teaches us to pause, reflect, and connect,” says interior designer Krista Hermanson, whose designs are inspired by the concept. “I believe the environments we inhabit have a profound effect on our well-being.” Hermanson crafts interiors that foster moments of connection and contemplation, whether it be a cozy living area where a family shares a pot of coffee, or a quiet reading nook where an individual curls up with a book.”

You’ll have to head to the article for the rest!

The Keller Williams article featured two images of two Krista Hermanson Design & Construction past projects: Hygge at the Waterfront, and A Modern Space to Entertain. The image from A Modern Space to Entertain was taken by David Watt Photography.