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Interior Design in Calgary


Krista Hermanson Design is a team of interior designers ready to assist you with your interior design Calgary project.

Design is our passion. Well-designed interiors maintain a consistent thread incorporating layers of design elements that all work towards the same goal: a harmonious, thoughtful space that reflects a single, clear vision of the residence. Whatever your style, we can design a space that makes your senses come alive. From Modern Farmhouse to French Country, Traditional to Contemporary, and Scandinavian to Mid-Century Modern, every home’s interior design should reflect the people who inhabit it.

Serving Calgary for over 20 years, we’ve won multiple SAM Awards, including custom home builds worth $2.3 million and over Calgary. We can work with your custom home builder to make bespoke selections for a custom finish that will serve you and your family for years to come.

Our offering is unique as we are one of a select few Calgary interior designers who manage our construction projects. Your design won’t be lost in translation as we manage our hand-selected professional subtrades onsite, ensuring your vision is brought to life!

Let’s talk today and discuss options for your next interior design Calgary project! We’ll breathe life into your house interior, crafting spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a true reflection of your lifestyle.

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Interior Design in Calgary FAQ's

Do you do interior design for new homes?

Yes! If you’d like to inject your personality on your new home, hiring an external interior designer is a great option. We can help you make finish selections and select paint colours. If you’re early enough in your build, we can offer some insights to floorplans and other functionality as well.

Do you offer interior design for commercial spaces as well?

Yes! We can help you with your commercial space.

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Let's get you connected with your home and yourself with hygge interior design. Calgary interior design has never been so cozy!

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