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Commercial Renovations

Downtown Office Renovation

Krista Hermanson Design & Construction is well-known for residential renovations, but we’ve answered the call to bring hygge to the office! We’re pleased to offer commercial renovations dedicated to office spaces.

After working from home for three years, companies are asking, “Can you bring the coziness of home to the office and still be productive?” KHD says, “Yes”!

If nothing else, the last three years have taught us that humans need opportunities for connection and that comfortable employees thrive. As we head back into the office, some office spaces are in need of a little hygge (hoo-gah = cozy time).

It’s important to remember that teams are made up of people with unlimited ways of communicating. Do you have places for collaboration? How about quiet spaces for employees to reconnect with themselves and come back to their workspace refreshed?

As interior designers, we are trained to take stock of how people use and move about their space. We can help bring efficiency and comfort to your office so you’re pleased with the work being created and your employees can’t wait to come to work!

If you’re one of many companies looking to complete commercial renovations in Calgary, let’s talk!


Commercial Renovations FAQ's

Do you complete commercial renovations other than office spaces?

At this time, our commercial work is limited to workspaces. Please reach out if you have another type of commercial renovation that you’d like help with. It’s always worth a conversation.

Let's Talk

Let's talk about your Calgary renovation or interior design ideas and how we can add Hygge to your home.

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