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Custom Furniture

Creating custom furniture is one of the perks of working with an interior designer. If it’s your dream, but it doesn’t exist, we can have it made!

There are many reasons that clients choose to have custom furniture made for them:

  • There is nothing on the market that will suit the space.
  • The blend of colours and textures envisioned is not available.
  • There is a collection of artifacts that needs special attention as in the case of the custom furniture created for this client’s record collection.
  • Custom furniture can make a space much more functional.
  • You want your own personal style to shine through.

We will work with you to design the perfect piece(s) by bringing together inspiration photos and samples. When we’re satisfied with the functionality and aesthetic of the prospective piece, we will put pencil to paper and draw our shared vision. If we want to get technical, we actually use a computer-aided drafting program called AutoCAD, but we do tend to favour the poetic in our descriptions, so pencil to paper it is. We are artists, after all. Once our shared vision has been solidified in technological stone, we will then enlist our wonderful custom furniture makers to bring it to life.

When complete, the result is a cohesive look that makes your space your own. When you love your space, your story will begin to unfold. After all, home is where your story starts.

Let’s start the conversation so we can co-create the most magnificent custom furniture pieces for you.

Custom Furniture FAQ's

Do you create custom pieces if there is no other related work?

Ordinarily, custom furniture is part of a larger project. We do take on smaller projects if we have the time in between our larger projects. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out a form on the Let’s Talk page to find out if we can help with your custom furniture design request.

Let's Talk

Let's talk about your Calgary renovation or interior design ideas and how we can add Hygge to your home.

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