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Residential Renovations


Oftentimes clients come to us for their residential renovations because they don’t feel connected to a certain area of their home. Life circumstances have evolved, or perhaps the space never resonated. Whatever the impetus may be, the first order of business is always the same. We listen. We are collaborators first, curators second, and we are spreadsheeters always. We listen just as hard when our clients talk about budgets and timelines as we do when they talk about their vision for the space.

It’s this process that has enabled us to complete hundreds of renovations on budget and on schedule. Because we don’t start any project without the creation of a real-world approximation-free, budget.

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Residential Renovations FAQ's

Do I have to commit to the whole project all at once?

No! The beauty of our process is that we work through the complete design process first. Once you have made all the decisions and material selections related to redesigning your home, then, and only then, do we price the project for your review. We then review this budget with you line by line before we enter into a construction contract.

How do I predict what the construction will cost?

Your construction contract with KHD will contain accurate pricing information, and the estimates will be based upon actual written quotes from qualified trades who have reviewed your plans with our construction team leads on our Trades Day. This Trades Day meeting includes all related sub-trades who will be involved in your project. We meet with them on-site to answer questions, review the floor plan, take a careful look at site conditions and then price what needs to be done. Our entire team is committed to delivering on-time AND on-budget construction projects which provides our clients with peace of mind. While we can’t always see through walls, we do spend a good deal of time on due diligence in order to avoid those nasty surprises that make for such good drama on the reno shows. We prefer to do our homework up front and avoid them altogether.

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Let's talk about your Calgary renovation or interior design ideas and how we can add Hygge to your home.

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Happy New Year from the KHD Team! We're excited to facilitate your love story with your home in 2022! ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️ #itsanewyear #happynewyear2022 #seeyou2021...
Happy New Year from the KHD Team! We're excited to facilitate your love story with your home in 2022! ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️ #happynewyear #newyear2022 #byebye2021...