Kitchens By Krista Hermanson Design

Krista Hermanson Design home page feature image is a modern kitchen with a large island for 5 people. Large dome lights over the island. Light grey cabinetry with subtle details.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home; to fall in love with your home, you must first love your kitchen. More than 400 hours per year are spent in our kitchens. That’s a lot of living!

Consider how often your family and friends have gathered in this space to hear good news, cry, and make life’s big decisions. You’re there preparing for the day, making a midday meal, and creating gourmet dinners for your loved ones to enjoy.

Design takes thoughtful consideration for each individual in the home and how they use it. Will custom cabinetry loaded with accessories be a priority for you? Perhaps you’d like clean lines and easy cleanup.

Below are a few memory-making kitchens we have co-created with our clients over the years. Each one is as unique as the people for whom they were designed. We can hear the laughter. Can you?

Contemporary & Modern

Midcentury Modern

Minimalist, Traditional & Timeless

Let’s get your dream kitchen started today.