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Our philosophy

The team at Krista Hermanson Design is united by a deep belief in the power of space. We believe the environments we inhabit have a profound effect on our well-being. It’s a philosophy that is fundamental to the work we do.

We believe home has the power to bring out the best in our clients and their families, which is why each project we undertake, whether it’s a renovation or a brand new build, we undertake with the utmost consideration and care for the people who will inhabit it.

Home should be a place you love, a place that restores you. At KHD we help make that happen.

Our story

KHD was founded more than a decade ago by Krista Hermanson. The granddaughter of Icelandic immigrants, Krista was inspired by her Scandinavian roots to found an interior design firm that approached the design process differently. Instead of focusing on how a space looked, Krista wanted to create spaces that helped people feel. She was deeply connected to the concept of Hygge and had felt firsthand the power of space to help people connect and restore to their deeper selves.

It was with this belief as the cornerstone that she started her practice. Both Krista and the team at KHD have been a mainstay of the Calgary design community since.

They continue to work tirelessly creating spaces that bring out the best in their clients and their families.