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How to Prepare for Your Renovation

Your home will soon be a work site

Congratulations!  You are going to transform your home with the help of a trusted renovator. After the euphoria of planning all the beautiful details comes the work of physically preparing your home for the construction. Keep this list handy and it will guide you through the most important steps.

1. Advise your insurance company

Email your home insurer and advise them that you are planning a renovation. They will ask about the scope, the start and finish date, and any other questions that are important to them. They may ask about the nature of the work and who you have hired to complete it. If major structural or building permit changes are being made, they may ask for additional documentation and proof of the contractor’s insurance.

2. Purge

Preparing for your renovation is a great time to purge and declutter

A renovation is a great opportunity to purse your home of any unused and irrelevant objects.

  • Start early – minimum 4-8 weeks before your renovation is booked to start
  • Host a garage sale (or co-host with a neighbour)
  • Send stuff off to charity – do you really need a dozen mixing bowls?
  • Hire an organizer to help you work through what to release and what to keep
  • At KHD we have team members who can help you with both sorting as well as packing and unpacking pre-and post-renovation

3. Pack

  • Pack up your home like you are moving out (if your kitchen is being renovated or replaced it will need to be completely emptied)
  • Move furniture to a safe location and cover it with drop cloths for dust protection
  • Store boxes or furniture in a portable storage unit if required
  • A seasoned renovator will have all these companies at their fingertips
  • If you are replacing flooring in any area, it must be completely empty, so find alternate spots to store things. Be sure to discuss where you plan to store things with your renovator

4. Set up an alternate kitchen if you plan to live in the home through the renovation

Some families move their fridges to an alternate area and set up a temporary kitchen, using their outdoor grill and a hotplate or microwave to prepare meals.

5. Escape

Often our clients will schedule vacation time to coincide with a renovation. This is an excellent, sanity-saving idea!

  • Send the kids to stay with family or off to summer camp
  • Find a peaceful spot (away from construction) for pets. Animals, like people, find noisy construction stressful

6. Advise your neighbours

As a courtesy to your neighbours, let them know you are planning a renovation. At KHD, our practice is to introduce ourselves to the neighbours and ask them to contact us with any concerns.

While it’s definitely exciting, your home will soon become a worksite.  At KHD we do our best to minimize any inconvenience, recognizing the fact that we are entering your personal space.  With patience, consistent communication and deliberate preparation the process will go smoothly, and you’ll soon be falling in love with your home!


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