Breathing New Life Into Existing Calgary Homes.

Oftentimes clients come to us for their residential renovations because they don’t feel connected to a certain area of their home. Life circumstances have evolved or perhaps the space never resonated. Whatever the impetus may be, the first order of business is always the same. We listen. Our team listens just as hard when our clients talk about budgets and timelines as we do when they talk about their vision for the space. We are collaborators first, curators second, and we are spreadsheeters always.

It’s this process that has enabled us to complete hundreds of renovations on budget and on schedule. We don’t start construction of any project without the creation of a real-world approximation-free budget.

As a licensed prepaid general contractor, Krista Hermanson Design is uniquely positioned to help our clients as we can offer both interior design services and construction project management for residential renovations. From designer to tradesperson, we are all speaking the same design language. This results in a smooth renovation process with direct communication along the way.

Step into a world where creativity meets practicality – Krista Hermanson Design, your partner in reimagining and revitalizing your house interior. See some of our many residential renovations here.