Project Management

Stress-free renovations require seamless communication.

Krista Hermanson is a licensed prepaid general contractor. In addition to interior design, Krista Hermanson Design is equipped to handle your construction project management needs. As licensed general contractor, we enlist professional and reputable subcontractors to work on our projects. Our subtrades are insured, have WCB coverage for all workers on site, and guarantee their work with warranties.

We manage and schedule the trades in the correct order which saves the avoidable cost of scheduling conflicts and delays. Gantt charts and spreadsheets are our friends that keep your project on time and on budget.

Using the same company for both the interior design and construction portions of a project is something that makes KHD a bit unique to the benefit of our clients. We have long-standing relationships with our subcontractors and have built a beautiful rapport.

We communicate often using the same terminology and past project references, which saves us time and reduces the risk of error. On Trades Day, the contractors are invited to the project site, your home, where they are led through the home by the designer, drawing package in hand, and they can each clarify questions on the spot.

Get started today. We would love to discuss your project and how we can help you love your home.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Construction Project Management

Yes. Before we bring a subtrade onto a project we interview them, check their previous projects, and ensure they have the necessary documents.

Yes. It’s in their best interest to give us their best price or we will not invite them to bid on future projects. We always have a few teams come and bid on projects to keep everyone on their A game. 

Please understand, the best price may still be more than the handyman in your neighbourhood. Being the best means our trades provide excellent results and because of that, they’re always in high demand. 

Yes. As designers, we check on the site often. Each project has a site supervisor that manages the day-to-day, but we are the construction project manager and are always aware of project developments.

Yes, we are a licensed prepaid general contractor. 

It’s your option to do that. We offer design only projects where our clients project manage their own projects and hire their own contractor. 

Some enjoy the process and others wonder what they were thinking. Time and money are a trade off. If you have time, but no money, this is a possible option for you. However, be mindful of costly scheduling errors due to inexperience. 



Yes! When you complete design and construction with two separate companies there is a learning curve during the transition. This often adds design time. 

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