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7 Step Interior Design Process

Establish the scope

Krista Hermanson meets all KHD clients in their home to discuss project goals and priorities. These are some of the questions we’ll ask:

  • What is it that you are hoping to accomplish?
  • What design problems need to be resolved?
  • In what ways does your home not function well?
  • Do you have enough storage space?
  • Do you have room to cook and gather as a family in your kitchen with an appropriate space for all the activities that take place here?
  • Are walls literally separating you from enjoying sharing your space?
  • Has your family evolved to a different stage of life and therefore a different set of needs?

Listen hard

We interview all of our clients to clearly define their vision for their home, taking into account all the occupants (even furry ones). We believe every home should be reflective of its occupants and the things that bring them joy.

Our team of professional designers will then assess your home and begin to explore multiple design solutions to meet your functional and esthetic needs. If necessary, we will even bring in an engineer to explore how the structure can be modified to provide optimal utilization of your space.

Envision this

This is a two-part meeting. During the first half we will walk you through each floor plan we’ve envisioned and solicit feedback. The second half of this meeting is to review proposed finish options for you from floor to ceiling. Our industry connections and expertise give us access to a wide range of materials that are not always shown in the supplier showrooms. We factor budget, durability, lifestyle, occupants and return on investment into every residential renovation plan.

Ready to discuss your next interior design project?

Let's Talk

Trades day

Following the completion of the design and specifications we invite our preferred tradespeople, all licensed (and insured) experts in their respective areas, to your home where we walk them through our plan for your space. Questions are answered, materials are reviewed, installations are discussed and everyone has the opportunity to see the job-site and gather necessary information. A written and detailed job budget is then prepared.

Construction plan & budget review meeting

This meeting takes place back in our design studio, where the detailed budget is reviewed with you. We share our preferred pricing with our clients, offering you savings that offset project management costs.

At this meeting we will also review your construction schedule that shows each week of construction activity so you know exactly what to expect through each part of the construction and when, allowing you to plan your movements. Families often schedule vacations to take place during renovations so they can get out of town while we handle the details. The critical element is this: we give you a firm start date and a firm completion date. Our interior design projects run on schedule. Period.


From site protection and demolition, through inspections and approvals, all the way through to the last finishing item, we supervise and manage every aspect to maintain our excellent standards and to ensure we finish your project right on schedule.

Post-Construction After-Care

In addition to completing your job with a client satisfaction walk-through, we check in with you again to make sure all is well with your new space.   We only partner with established professionals who also warranty their work, so our whole team is only a phone call away!  So many of our clients are repeat clients – some of them with as many as five major projects.

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