Our Proven 7-Step Process

Over the past 20 years, we have honed our interior design and renovation process. Each stage is outlined briefly below.


A unique feature of Krista Hermanson Design is that we are a licensed prepaid general contractor, which means we manage the renovation projects we design. Following the completion of the design phase, we invite our preferred tradespeople, who are experts covered by insurance and WCB, to your home, where we walk them through our plan for your space. With the drawing set in hand, the designer leads the trades through the home. Questions are answered, materials are reviewed, installations are discussed, and everyone can see the job site and gather necessary information.

Our favourite part about this is that we typically schedule only one trades day. We don’t have a plumber coming one day and the electrician coming another to quote the project. It’s all done in one day!

Our trades give KHD their quotes, and we add them to our construction software (CoConstruct by Buildertrend) to create a comprehensive and accurate budget. Each element is itemized line by line so that you can see exactly what each item costs.


This meeting takes place in our downtown Calgary interior design studio, where the detailed renovation budget is reviewed with you. 

Once we have finalized the numbers, we invite you back to the studio for a Budget Review Meeting to discuss your project’s specific costs and scope options. This is a joyous meeting filled with excitement, but sometimes, reality hits, and hard decisions about the project scope must be made. The itemized budget allows you to select what will bring the most value to you without losing the feeling of the interior design.

After the scope is finalized, we sign the Construction Agreement.

At this meeting, we will also review your construction schedule that shows each weekly construction activity so you know exactly what to expect through each part of the construction and when. This allows you to plan your movements.

Families often schedule vacations during renovations so they can get out of town while we handle the details. We do not suggest living in the home during a renovation.

We give you a firm start date and completion date. Our interior design and construction projects run on schedule.


From site protection and demolition, through inspections and approvals, all the way through to the last finishing item, we supervise and manage every aspect to maintain our excellent standards and to ensure we finish your project right on schedule.


In addition to completing your job with a client satisfaction walk-through, we check in with you after you’ve settled in to make sure all is well with your new space. We only partner with established professionals who warranty their work. The Krista Hermanson Design team is only a phone call away! 

Many of our clients are repeat clients because of our commitment to excellence and service – some clients return to complete as many as five major projects! Most of our new business is by referral from happy former clients. This is something we are very proud of and continue to appreciate!