FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). You are unique, and so is your project. We know the information listed below will only answer some of your questions, but we hope it will point you in the right direction. We’re only a click away if you have more questions!


In what Alberta areas do you complete renovations?

We typically only complete projects in the following areas:

  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Airdrie, Alberta
  • Okotoks, Alberta
  • Cochrane, Alberta

Occasionally, we will venture further if the size of the project makes sense for us to do so. Please let us know the size of the project and your budget when you contact us, and we can let you know if we’ll be able to accommodate your project.

How long has Krista Hermanson Design been in business?

Krista Hermanson Design was officially established in 2004.

Is Krista Hermanson Design a licensed general contractor?

Yes. Krista Hermanson is the GC (general contractor) on all of our Calgary construction projects. You can find confirmation on the Service Alberta Website.

Is Krista Hermanson Design licensed as a prepaid contractor?

Yes. You can find confirmation on the Service Alberta Website.

Is Krista Hermanson Design bonded?

Yes. You can find confirmation on the Service Alberta Website.

Is Krista Hermanson Design insured? Are their subtrades?

Yes. We are covered by insurance, and we require our subtrades to have adequate insurance as well.

Do Krista Hermanson Design and their subtrades have WCB coverage?

Yes, we have WCB coverage, and we continually manage our subtrades WCB status as well.

Can we contact past clients?

Absolutely! Please do. When you’re at a point of seriously considering Krista Hermanson design as your designer, we will be happy to connect you with clients.

When should we start contacting interior designers and contractors for my renovation?

As soon as you’re serious about a renovation, you should contact an interior designer and/ or renovator. It takes time to do the due diligence of a proper renovation. 

How long is the interior design process?

The interior design process varies by client availability and the size of the project. The design phase typically takes 8 to 10 weeks, but larger projects have taken longer.

How long does a typical construction project take?

A main floor or whole home renovation typically takes 20 to 24 weeks/ 5 to 6 months.

Do you take smaller jobs?

Typically, our project size begins with an entire main floor renovation. Occasionally, we take smaller jobs. Connect with us, and we’ll chat!

What is your intake process?
  1. Fill out a website form or schedule a Calendly meeting discovery call.
    **Add lots of detail to your initial message. We won’t use this data for any reason other than to find out how we might help you.
    2. Britt will get back to you and may have some additional questions before we chat if there wasn’t much information included in your initial message.
    3. During this chat, AKA “discovery call”, Britt will ask even more questions about you, how you want to live in your home, and your hopes for your project.
    4. If we determine we are a fit for one another, you’ll move on to meet with Krista. Depending on the scope of the project and your preference, this first meeting with Krista may be in your home, or via Zoom.
    5. If everyone feels like we’re a fit, Krista will prepare a proposal for you with a very loose ballpark of expected project costs. **Please note that this is not a firm number until we get quotes.**
Why can't you give me a quote right away?

There are thousands of considerations and variables when completing a large-scale renovation. While we can give you a bird’s eye view loose estimate at the onset of our discussions, we cannot give you a detailed quote for a project of this magnitude. A detailed set of quotes and budget will come after we’ve completed the design phase; our subtrades know their actual scope of work and have come to look at the property.

What is the benefit of cost-plus vs billing me lump sum?

Construction costs change. If we were to give a quote at the beginning of a project or commit to a lump sum payment, we would have to add an amount to that quote to ensure we do not lose money on a project. This means you may pay more for the same product and service. One party ends up losing out. It could be the contractor if something ends up costing more than expected, or it could be you, the client if it ends up being less than expected. Cost plus benefits both parties and keeps things fair.

How do you select your clients?

We are very people-focused. You’ll be a fit for us if you believe that a home is not just four walls that need updating but a place that has the power to facilitate connection with others and yourself. Our team is loving, and we put our whole selves into creating a home that will inspire a life our client can only dream of for years to come. We do our utmost to select people who value that kind of dedication.

Do you manage the construction portion of the projects you design?

Yes, as a licensed prepaid general contractor, we not only complete the interior design for our projects but also run our construction projects with the help of vetted subtrades.

What is the benefit of having a design and construction company in one?

In a simple phrase: seamless, simplified communication.

You don’t have to talk to multiple people or companies. Billing is simplified.

Krista started a construction company because she was tired of bad construction happening to good people. It’s not that general contractors are bad. It’s that there’s a communication barrier between the designer and contractor and a bit of unnecessary tension because of it. We cut out the middle man, so to speak. We communicate our vision directly with our subtrades, they answer to us and build to our standard of finish, and fewer miscommunications happen as a result.

Do you offer design-only services?

Yes. We are happy to help on a design-only basis.

Can you help with furnishings & décor?

Yes. We can help with furniture (furnishings) and décor.

Can you help with my new build selections?

Yes. If your builder accepts external design firms, we can assist with selections for your new build. Please ask them what their process is, and be sure to ask about their preferred vendors.

Can you help with custom new builds?

Absolutely! We love to collaborate with custom home builders in Calgary.