Lagom vs Hygge: What’s the difference?

Lagom vs hygge- wine and cheese in a kitchen

Lagom vs Hygge: What’s the difference? At KHD, our modus operandi is to bring beauty to people’s lives through the joy of hygge. For those not in the know, the Danish word “hygge” literally translates into English as “cozy time”.  It is comprised of elements that slow us down, help us to disconnect from the […]

Your Hygge How To Guide for Decluttering and Loving Your Home

Luxury kitchen with large island and a mix of light cabinetry and blue cabinetry. Countertops are white with grey veining and backsplash is a large slab continuation of the countertop. A star statement piece is over the island. Lemons overflow on a bowl.

Decluttering. It’s been on our minds as we have been given more time to stare at the accumulation of things in our homes. The past few years have taught us that home is more than where you hang your hat. Your space affects your joy and mental health in more ways than you may have […]