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A Modern Castle in Springbank

We have affectionately dubbed this Pinnacle Ridge project “Modern Castle House”. These jet-setting executive clients came to us with the unique challenge of melding modern furnishings with the design of this gorgeous classic custom home by McDowell & Associates. We were up to the challenge!  Through a mix of international Zoom and Calgary studio meetings, our designers came up with a beautiful marriage of these two design themes. This project included furnishings, custom furniture, lighting, window coverings, and décor.

Modern Castle Dining Room

The dining room’s ornate wallpaper was replaced by luxurious cloud wallpaper to give it a softer, brighter backdrop for the unique racetrack dining table. Our sewist created a custom linen tablecloth with a dressmaker’s stitch along the edge that coordinated seamlessly with the cloud wallpaper. The gold metallic hutch and sconces play off the showstopping light fixture. You must see it! Each glass pendant was hand-blown and is unique. Our client has an affinity for blown glass art pieces, which made this lighting fixture a match made in heaven. Pictures do not do it justice. A quick video of the lighting fixture can be found here.

Primary Bedroom fit for a Queen & King

Our clients adored the dining room chandelier so much that we included a variation in the primary bedroom that illuminates the automated king-sized leather bed. At the touch of a button, both sides of this automated headboard can raise or lower for reading or slumbering without bothering your partner. Gold detailed hemisphere lamps flank the bed and complement the chandelier. The space is grounded by a large custom area rug that was perfectly scaled for the size of the bed and the room. Its sister rug can be found in the cozy sitting area that we outfitted with modern chairs, a tear-drop golden table and sconces to balance the fireplace. We are envisioning the long nights spent reading by the fire in these comfortable chairs. A person could easily lose themselves in this retreat.

The ensuite was already outfitted with stunning marble, but it needed a little… something. We scaled up the lighting and added a unique ribbon light above the unique stand-alone tub along with exquisite sconces and lighted vanity mirrors.

Custom Storage for an Audiophile

Our client is an accomplished musician and has a great appreciation for music. They have amassed a brilliant collection of records that needed pride of place and an appropriate way to store them. We enlisted the help of one of our favourite cabinet makers to create a wall of soft-close drawers in the study. To get to the higher drawers, you simply hop on the rolling ladder and slide over like you’re Belle in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. A video of Krista testing this stunning feature can be seen here.

Living Area & Nook

We are awaiting the rug that will bond all of the pieces of the living area together, so there are no photos of this space at this time. Stay tuned!

City Calgary

Neighborhood Springbank

Design Style Modern

Budget 725,000

Services Used

Before Photos

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