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Vibrant Villosa Ridge Executive Home

When Brad and Jill came to us, they wanted to remodel their kitchen and create a space for their daughter. Upon visiting their Villosa Ridge home, it was clear that simply updating the kitchen would not suffice to improve how this family lives. The mudroom layout had to change.

Somewhere during the building of this home, the mudroom plans changed and it became a large dance floor with wasted space. We reworked the layout and had the entry to the kitchen in between the stairs and the kitchen. The mudroom no longer enters the kitchen at the island.

The mudroom was also the furry family members’ cozy hideaway and they aren’t as excited about entertaining as their humans. They are now safely down the hall behind a dutch door. This layout change gave us room to create a dream bar for these sophisticated entertainers.

Jill said, “You nailed it. A 100% functioning kitchen. And it looks great too!” The kitchen had some functionality issues that needed remedying. Clever changes in island size, appliance placement, and drawer layouts have made quick work of emptying the dishwasher. It’s those little details you don’t know you missed until you have them. Now they can take time to enjoy the Villosa Ridge view!

Surprisingly, this spacious, executive home only had three bedrooms; one primary and two secondary bedrooms. We stole space from one of the laundry rooms and the built-in office to create a suite fit for the family’s daughter or for guests. We moved the laundry from one end of the home to steal some space from the extra large furnace room. It is now centrally located with easy access off the stairs rather than having to walk all the way to the end of the lower level.

We cannot wait to help these Villosa Ridge clients the next time they want to reimagine their space. Fire up the Miele, we’re coming!

Jill & Brad allowed us to film an interview and share it with the world! See it below:


City Calgary

Neighborhood Villosa Ridge

Design Style Contemporary

Budget 400,000

Services Used

"You thought of everything. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect."

- Jill B.

Before Photos

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