Open Entertaining in Oakridge

Why they came

This open Oakridge main floor had all the base elements required to create a space perfect for entertaining. It just needed the right furnishings, lighting, and a bit of design flourish to make it a spectacular open entertaining space fit for all life’s greatest moments.


How We Helped

We reused some of this Oakridge family’s existing furnishings and reimagined the space with some expertly selected pieces and an alternate layout. Scale and placement are paramount in interior design.

  • Changed lighting fixtures and lamps to illuminate the dark space and give more control over the light for whichever mood strikes.
  • Added some custom art pieces that included the colours of the room so that the colour story of this open space continued throughout. 
  • Reused the family’s yellow accent chairs, but we changed their layout. They were blocking the focus of the room, the fireplace. By placing them between the dining room and the living area, we delineated the activity zones and allowed the focal point of the room to shine.
  • Replaced the five seat sectional with a sectional that added more seating in less space.
  • Replaced the small ottoman with a luxurious and comfortable tufted leather coffee table that was more to scale with the space.
  • Selected décor pieces to continue the colour story and direct your eye throughout the space.
  • Replaced the small living room rug with a colourful rug that was large enough to ground the space and the design. 


The changes resulted in a better inviting flow from each of the zones of this open main floor. We’re so pleased with how this project worked out. It’s proof that sometimes all you need is the right art, furnishings, décor and layout to take a space from blah to great! Enlisting a professional Calgary interior designer made all the difference for this family.

KHD Services Utilized

  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Furnishings & Décor 
  • Window Treatments

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Open Entertaining in Oakridge
Before and After Photos