Work Rest Balance at Its Finest

Why They Came

This family of professionals and young children works hard and needs a place to rest and renew. The key word here is balance. When we say we help you live better lives through the power of space, this is exactly what we’re talking about. As busy professionals, their home time is valuable. Creating designated, functional spaces to accomplish their goals, whether catching up on some paperwork or de-stressing after a busy day, your home can enrich lives.

How We Helped

Refreshing this stylish family’s home with furnishings and décor was delightful.

  • We gave them mirrored luxurious offices so they could be productive at home.
  • We also refreshed their primary bedroom to make it a restful retreat to keep that work/life balance.
  • We did not forget the children! They received a revived study/ art space, and the family enjoys spending quality time in their new great room furnishings.


KHD Services Utilized

  • Interior Design
  • General Contractor
  • Project Management

Calgary Neighbourhood

They loved their home office so much that they asked us to help them personalize their office at their employer’s, too! Did you know you could do that?

As our culture shifts to hybrid work scenarios, work/rest balance is something to consider in your own home. As expert Calgary interior designers, we’re here to help. Let’s talk about how we can help you create a space that will allow you the best of both worlds.

Work Rest Balance
Before and After Photos