Top 4 Reasons Scandinavian Design is Calming

Scandinavian Design Process - Living room with orange accent chairs, light blue sofa and ottoman and clean lines dancing in the light of a soothing fireplace.

Top 4 Reasons Scandinavian Design is Calming We shared seven beautiful elements of Scandinavian Design in a blog last year that listed some reasons to love it. We wanted to share a refreshed version to further explore our passion for this style of design and answer the question, “Why does Scandinavian design make you feel […]

7 Beautiful Elements of Scandinavian Design

A Scandinavian and modern style condo living room. Scandinavian chairs sit across from a low profile simple sofa and ottoman. Nesting glass tables with gold accents. Interesting futuristic floor lamps.

Though its origin is much older, Scandinavian design reached popularity in North America in the 1950s when House Beautiful Magazine’s editor, Elizabeth Gordon, brought a travelling exhibition to Canada and the United States. She showcased the best designers hailing from Scandinavian countries on a three-year tour and we have been in love with this clean, […]