Cozy Calgary office. A long rectangular island has soft bar stools with green fabric. Gold birdcage style statement lighting is hung from the ceiling that also includes light wood acoustic detailing. In the foreground white tables and matching green chairs are spread out.

Why they came to us

Krista Hermanson Design was enlisted to create a cozy office in the heart of downtown Calgary. After working from home for three years, companies are asking, “Can you bring the coziness of home to the office and still be productive?” KHD says, “Yes”!

This client wanted to prepare their Calgary office to welcome returning employees and make the transition easier. Krista Hermanson Design co-created a cozy office environment designed to bring employees together. On three floors of a downtown Calgary office tower, KHD brought the hygge.

We’re pleased to say that the client and their employees love it!

How We Helped

  • Match the people-first culture
  • Design spaces that people will be comfortable in
  • Warm up the office and community areas (no more “cold hospital cafeteria” or “cold corporate colours”)
  • Add meeting places for collaboration and connection
  • Create spaces to unwind, escape and re-centre Up our coffee game
  • Bright workstations with fewer acoustical intrusions
  • Durable, comfortable office furniture

KHD Services Utilized

  • Commercial Renovations
  • Furnishings & Décor
  • Project Management

Calgary Neighbourhood

We loved the people-first mentality of this office. We worked so well together that they enlisted us to help with their Vancouver and Edmonton offices!

Do you have an office that might not be living up to its potential? Perhaps you have a commercial lease coming up for renewal that you can capitalize on. Let’s talk about how we can help you with expert Calgary interior design!

Cozy Calgary Office Before and After Photos

Below are a few before and after photos from this downtown Calgary office project. Please click the first image on the carousel to expand the images and see descriptions.

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