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Renovated River House

Our river house client had a strong sense of self and knew what they wanted to see in their home. They were artistic, bold, and well-travelled. It was a true creative meeting of the minds as our designers and the client played off one another’s ideas.

Older homes can have… surprises… and this one had its fair share. When you take your home down to the studs during a renovation, you know that if ancient problems are hidden within the walls, you’ll find them and mitigate them. Throughout this project, we got to flex our inventive, solution-focused interior design muscles. They say some things happen for a reason, and we agree! Though this isn’t the original design, we couldn’t be more pleased with how this project turned out.

Some of what we did on this project:

  • Renovated the kitchen
  • Replaced wood-burning fireplace with a gas fireplace
  • Removed structural posts and fixed supports for the upper floor
  • Refinished and tied in the main floor hardwood
  • Replaced the stairs and railing
  • Renovated the Primary ensuite
  • Partial updates to the basement included a wall bike rack, storage shelves, painting out the ceiling, and adding lighting
  • Paint throughout

If you’d like to see a transformation like this renovated river house in your home, let’s talk!

City Calgary

Neighborhood Parkdale

Design Style Mixed

Budget N/A

Services Used

Before Photos

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