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A Modern Space to Entertain

Our client’s home meant so much to them. This Varsity Estates home in Calgary, Alberta, had been purchased from a grandparent but was showing its age with dark, closed-off rooms, a dated brick fireplace and light fixtures. This young couple liked to cook together and entertain family and friends and needed to have a modern space to do it.

Utilizing a holistic hygge approach, we tackled their modern space wish list! We brightened up this home by opening up the wall between the kitchen and the family room. The kitchen was updated with white cabinetry and professional appliances. The old sunshine ceiling fixture was removed and replaced with modern fixtures. We replaced the flooring with beautiful light-coloured engineered flooring, brightened up walls with fresh off-white paint and replaced the brick fireplace with a modern corner unit.  A gorgeous, modern cluster pendant light was added to the family room to finish off this modern space.

Some people may worry that creating a modern space may be cold, but this space is filled with love and warmth. Opening up the space completely brightened up their home and gave them the room for their warm kitchen gatherings that can easily flow into the family room for entertaining family and friends.

This client loved our process so much, that we did a renovation immediately after its completion for their parents! Most of our projects are done on a referral basis. ☺

Original images were taken by David Watt Photography for Krista Hermanson Design & Construction.

City NW Calgary

Neighborhood Varsity Estates

Design Style Modern

Budget $375,000

Services Used

Before Photos

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