2024 Interior Design Trends to Inspire You

As we begin the new year, we wanted to share the emerging 2024 interior design trends.

2024 Interior Design Trends in white text over a black background.

The world of interior design is a constant balance of innovation, comfort, and sustainability. We craft spaces that reflect personal tastes and echo a deeper connection with the environment and the evolving lifestyle dynamics. We love this year’s trends as they resonate with our hygge interior design philosophy. In 2024, we’re seeing a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge trends with timeless aesthetics, offering Calgary homeowners a canvas to express their uniqueness.

These trends scream Krista Hermanson Design, and we say this is the year where hygge interior design IS the trend!

1. Scandinavian Interior Design

We’ve put this at number one because most 2024 interior design trends shine a soft, welcomed glow on Scandinavian Interior Design. Natural materials, neutral elements with pops of colour, artisan glass and ceramics, functional beauty, and cozy, homey textural elements are all elements of Scandinavian design.

We won’t say much more about this here because we’ve already said it in these blogs:

2. Natural Materials | A Breath of Fresh Air

Timeless, high-quality, natural materials are always trending in our books. The first of our 2024 interior design trends is using natural materials.

Using natural materials not only adds to the lifetime value and return on investment of your renovation but also adds a sense of serenity and vitality, echoing the principles of hygge. If you’re new here, hygge is the Danish concept centred around coziness, comfort, and contentment. Materials like warm natural wood, stone, and organic fabrics will become prominent in 2024.

We’re seeing a trend to integrate the outdoors into indoor spaces and maximize seamlessly. In Calgary, this means maximizing our short summer months. Due to our cold winter month, additional considerations exist when implementing this trend in Calgary. It’s always best to consult professionals.

At the same time, we’re always seeing biophilic design principles in jaw-dropping large spaces. Biophilic design encourages incorporating live plants, natural light, and earthy tones to create an escape in our homes. This Architectural Digest article on accessible biophilic design might transform you into a plant parent. Read at your own risk!

3. Bold Colours, Patterns and Textures: A Splash of Personality

This trend invites homeowners to infuse their spaces with a burst of energy. Vibrant hues of blues and greens, geometric patterns, and textured wallpapers add depth and character.

Some are hailing this trend as a victory over the long-standing reign of minimalism. A misconception about minimalism is that it’s colourless. You can have a minimalist, highly functional design with impactful pops of colour and mesmerizing patterns. Some might call this maximalist minimalism, but to us, it’s minimalism in the best way. Your home’s design should reflect you; you are exciting and colourful! As always, don’t over-clutter your space. Tasteful groupings of like items will always work.

Texture always plays a significant role in interior design. From plush velvets to rough-hewn woods, the interplay of textures adds depth and interest to spaces. This tactile experience enhances the visual appeal and invites interaction, making homes feel more inviting and lived in.

Powder room bathroom vanity mirror with fun orange, blue and brown floral wallpaper.

4. Sustainable and Ethical Choices: A Conscious Shift

Sustainability is not a buzzword; it’s a lifestyle choice accepted worldwide. This includes Calgary, Alberta. We’ve seen an increase in sustainable materials for years. As popularity rises, more vendors enter the market, making sustainable construction and renovation materials more accessible, and thus, it has made its way into 2024 interior design trends.

This shift towards sustainability aligns with a growing awareness of our environmental footprint, driving interior designers, construction companies, custom home builders, and Calgary homeowners to make responsible choices that align with their values.

What will that mean for you? If you feel passionate about this, there are several things to consider:

  • Making sustainable and ethical selections can add to your budget.
  • Sustainable items often take longer to manufacture.
  • Fewer vendors mean additional lead times.
  • There are government grants and incentives for solar panels and efficient windows, but these take months to be approved and receive funding. You will still have to foot the bill for these fees before receiving a refund, so add the entire amount to your budgetary considerations. 
  • Sustainable approvals require additional metrics to be met that are beyond standard municipal building codes.

5. Smart Home Integration: The Tech-Forward Approach

We Albertans love our technological innovations! Technology continues to shape our lives, and in 2024, interior design will integrate smart home features for enhanced convenience and efficiency. Automated lighting systems, voice-controlled devices, and smart thermostats not only provide comfort but also help in energy conservation. Integrating technology into design elements marks a step towards a more connected and intuitive living environment.

If this is important to you, consider the costs in your budget. Don’t DIY this one, please. Hire a professional to design the layout and install it safely.  

Want to see what goes on in a designer’s mind daily? It’s not always pretty fabrics and finishes. Functional, clever design reigns supreme.

Below is a photo of one of our clients’ mechanical rooms. They’re currently having their home outfitted with smart tech. Our team was “geeking out” about the precision and beauty of this cable arrangement. We just had to share this trade’s attention to detail. Chef’s kiss!

A mechanical room in the process of being fitted with smart technology. The white coloured wiring is neatly laid out and fits into white boxes.

Though we’re all for technology, our hygge design minds are begging us to remind you to disconnect from those smart devices and connect with real humans. No matter how advanced we become, there is no replacement for human connection. If you can, keep a quiet space free of electronic stimuli so you can centre on yourself and your loved ones.

That brings us to our next trend!

6. Wellness-Centric Design: Nurturing Body and Mind

Well, hello there, hygge interior design. In line with the global focus on health and well-being, this 2024 interior design trend leans towards creating spaces that nurture both body and mind.

Elements that promote relaxation, such as tranquil colour palettes, soft lighting, textural elements, and comfortable seating, are critical—spaces dedicated to meditation, exercise, or simply unwinding become essential components of a holistic home. Spa bathroom? Yes, please!

Ensuite bathroom. To the left a grey tiled steam shower complete with a lighter tiled bench. To the right, a warm wood vanity allows for makeup to be done to the left and washing to be done to the right. Line style sconces are mounted to the mirror. Black hardware adorns this look.

7. Vintage, Custom, and Artisanal Accents

The surge of interest in vintage and artisanal pieces in 2023 will continue in 2024. Perhaps it’s nostalgia or sustainability. Mixing older décor adds a unique and personal touch to modern interiors. Not to mention soul. We enjoy family heirlooms and artifacts when thoughtfully and artfully displayed. Handcrafted items, antique furniture, and art pieces tell stories, adding layers of history and charm. This trend celebrates craftsmanship and the beauty of imperfections, offering a counterbalance to the mass produced. Our clients want their homes to be unique to them.

This fun powder room is a bit moody with dark floral wallpaper, a vanity with chrome legs and two fabric shade sconces flanking a wall to wall mirror. A soft checker board green and white tile finishes this look.

Honourable Mentions

Final Thoughts on 2024 Interior Design Trends

The trends for 2024 represent a beautiful synergy between aesthetic appeal and functional living. They reflect a collective desire for homes that are not just visually stunning but also echo our values and lifestyle needs. As we embrace these trends, we create spaces, not just houses but homes – sanctuaries that comfort, inspire, and rejuvenate.

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